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Wang Yi: First Trilateral Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Pakistan, China and Afghanistan to be Held within This Year

On September 8, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with visiting Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif of Pakistan and they jointly met the press after the meeting.

In response to the questions concerning Pakistan-Afghanistan relations, Wang Yi expressed that both Pakistan and Afghanistan are important countries in the region with bilateral relations gaining from cooperation and losing from confrontation. China sincerely hopes the two sides could meet each other half way, jointly improve the well-being of the two peoples and safeguard regional stability. A moment ago, Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif clearly expressed the willingness to improve relations with Afghanistan, which is welcomed and appreciated by China.

Wang Yi noted that as a common neighbor and friend of Pakistan and Afghanistan, China not only attaches importance to developing its relations with both Pakistan and Afghanistan, but also actively helps the two countries bridge differences and enhance mutual trust. Moreover, China is also exploring to develop trilateral cooperation with Pakistan and Afghanistan. What I want to share is that, through the trilateral communication, China-Pakistan-Afghanistan cooperation has shown initial progress and the first trilateral meeting of Foreign Ministers of China, Pakistan and Afghanistan is to be held later this year. Strategic communication, practical cooperation and security dialogues have been determined as the three key areas, on the basis of which, trilateral cooperation will be promoted from the easy to the difficult and complicated, and ultimately build a new platform for regional cooperation. I believe that, with the concerted efforts of Pakistan and Afghanistan and China’s active support, Pakistan-Afghanistan relations and trilateral cooperation will surely be greeted with a promising future.

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