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Wang Yi: The UN Must Remain a Pacesetter of Global Governance

On September 21, 2017 local time, when addressing at the General Debate of the 72nd UN General Assembly, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that the UN must remain a pacesetter of global governance.

Wang Yi expressed that as an organization lying at the core of the contemporary international system, the UN can well reflect the state of affairs in global governance. It should therefore follow the trend of the times and make international relations more democratic, rules-based and equitable.

Wang Yi expressed that the UN is an organization belonging to all its 193 member states who, regardless of their size and wealth, are all equals. The UN should promote such spirit of democracy and make sure that all countries enjoy equal rights and opportunities and follow the same rules in international affairs. This way, countries can set international rules together, run global affairs together, and share in development achievements together. At the same time, the UN also needs to constantly improve its institutions and mechanisms to better reflect the interests of the majority of countries and the evolving international landscape.

Wang Yi pointed out that the UN must promote equal and uniform application of international law and stress the need to fully and faithfully implement international law. More importantly, the UN should urge all parties to observe the purposes and principles of its Charter and keep the foundation of international law and order intact.

Wang Yi addressed that globalization is an unstoppable trend. It is neither "Westernization" nor "Easternization". It should not follow the law of the jungle, still less the winner-takes-all approach. The UN should uphold the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits and rebalance economic globalization so that it will be more open, inclusive, and beneficial to all.

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