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Wang Yi Attends UN Security Council Ministerial Meeting on Non-Proliferation

On September 21, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the UN Security Council Ministerial Meeting on Non-Proliferation in New York.

Wang Yi said in his speech that with the unremitting efforts of the international community, the international non-proliferation regime is gradually improving. Meanwhile, the international security situation is undergoing profound and complex changes and the proliferation risks and challenges are still severe. Individual countries have repeatedly conducted nuclear tests regardless of the consensus reached by the international community. The risks of acquiring and using weapons of mass destruction by non-state actors, especially terrorists, are on the rise. The authority, universality and effectiveness of international non-proliferation still need to be strengthened.

Wang Yi expressed that non-proliferation, concerning international peace and security, is an important part in building a community of shared future for mankind. The international community should cooperate sincerely and coordinate in all aspects. First, we should stick to tackling both symptoms and root causes, eliminating the concept of seeking absolute security of oneself and realizing security for all countries. It is an effective way to solve the proliferation issue from the root. Second, we must adhere to diplomatic solutions. Sanctions are not panacea and dialogue and negotiation are the fundamental solutions. Confrontation and blind sanctions will only lead to conflict escalation and spillover. Third, we must uphold the international non-proliferation regime. We cannot "use it when it is beneficial to oneself and dump it when it is not" and cannot take double standards and selective practices. Fourth, we must stick to strengthening the non-proliferation capacity of all countries, respect and support other countries' making non-proliferation policies in accordance with their national conditions, enhance capacity-building, and conduct exchanges, mutual learning and practical cooperation.

Wang Yi pointed out that China firmly opposes the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and its means of delivery by establishing a complete legal system of non-proliferation export controls and ensuring that relevant laws are effectively implemented. China actively participates in the process of international non-proliferation, comprehensively and fully implements the relevant Security Council resolutions and commits itself to promoting the political settlement of hotspot issues of non-proliferation. China is willing to work with all parties to continue to make greater contributions to maintaining and strengthening international non-proliferation regime, promoting global governance in non-proliferation and jointly building a community of shared future for mankind.

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