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Wang Yi Attends ACF Foreign Ministers' Informal Meeting

On September 21, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the Ancient Civilizations Forum (ACF) Foreign Ministers' Informal Meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. Foreign Ministers or representatives of the ACF member states were present at the meeting.

Wang Yi expressed in his speech that the ACF has just been established for half a year. Though it is fairly young, it bears long-standing cultural connotation, which made us stand on the shoulders of giants. As inheritors of original civilizations, all member states of the forum should shoulder the responsibility of promoting human development and progress, and find the key to modern issues from ancient civilizations.

Wang Yi noted that though national conditions of various countries differ in thousands of ways, peace and security are eternal topics, development and prosperity are permanent goals, and harmonious coexistence is a pursuit forever. We should vigorously advocate multilateralism, and abandon seeking benefits for ourselves at the expense of others, acting as a hegemon and pursuing no zero-sum game. We should advance democracy in international relations, and stick to dealing with world affairs through joint consultation of all countries. We should respect diversity, transcend civilization gap through civilization exchanges, transcend civilization clash through mutual learning, and transcend civilization superiority through civilization co-existence.

Wang Yi pointed out that the "Belt and Road" initiative put forward by China and the Silk Road spirit China carried forward highly conform to the purpose of the forum, and thus we are willing to strengthen cooperation and alignment between them. As a joint initiator of the ACF, China stands ready to make joint efforts with various parties, constantly advance the mechanism building of the forum, and deepen practical cooperation, so as to make ancient civilizations' contributions to tackling various kinds of global challenges and the cause of human progress.

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